About Us

Buz Software began in Toronto, in the summer of 1996, and has since grown from a complement of two to a staff of 15. We specialize in developing a specialized suite of computer software designed to enhance golf operations at private, semi-private and public golf courses. currently, buzsoftware is exapnding beyond Club software to include suites for all purposes, from small business to non-profit organizations such as schools.

Our core products are: 

* GolfRez: an automated tee time reservation system, enhanced by PhoneRez-- an automated tee time attendant for booking tee times using a touch tone telephone-- WebRez-- an interface to be used online, in conjunction with a club Website for booking -- and TouchRez, which allows golfers to book tee times using a touch screen kiosk at the golf facility.

* Web Communicator: a highly interactive website product which greatly enhances communications between clubs and their members using the Internet.

* Buz Club Manager: A true .Net Windows application, is a state of the art, easy to use member management and billing system. 

* POS System: The ultimate touch screen point of sale program for retail and food & beverage. BuzPOS retail comes with a fully integrated purchase order and inventory system.  BuzPOS is fully integrated with BuzRez, Buz Accounting and Buz Member Manager.

The suite is completed with Third Party applications such as EAGLE Handicap, a touch screen handicap program which integrates with BuzRez. Web Communicator users can automatically post information from BuzRez and EAGLE Handicap to their websites for querying by their members.