Buz Country Club is a private club for the exclusive enjoyment of its members and their guests. Admission to membership is by sponsorship of an existing member along with suitable references from a number of other members. After interviews with current or past directors, each application is carefully considered by the Membership Committee for the approval of the Board of Directors.

Buz Country Club is a family club. Members are admitted by family, with one family member designated as the voting member for official matters. Activity participation is open to all family members. An entrance fee is payable by family on admission. Annual dues are billed to each family. Activity fees are charged based on the activity participation of the family members.

The application process at our club is co-ordinated by the Membership Director along with the applicant's sponsor. After completing the application, the potential new member submits the completed form along with the deposit required to the Membership Director.

This application needs to have a sponsor, seconder and at least two additional member references (from members of the Club).  The Membership Director will then arrange an interview with the applicant and spouse and the two Directors. 

When the application is complete, it will be reviewed by the Membership Committee to make their recommendation to the Board of Directors. When the application is approved at the Board level, the applicant will be asked to complete the financial obligations of membership, if the application is not accepted, the sponsor will be informed by the General Manager and the applicant's deposit will be returned.

All inquiries regarding application for membership should be made to:

Membership Director
Buz Country Club
4515 Chesswood Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M3J 2V6
Phone:   416-633-3003

OR complete the section below to request a Membership Information package.

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