Demand on Weekend Golf

During spring and fall each golf season private golf clubs and the professional team are faced with increased demand for available tee times on weekend and holiday mornings. Days get shorter and members who normally play early are grouped into the draw at later times. A series of lotteries have been designed by Buz Software to accommodate members in the fairest manor possible. The most popular and most equitable algorithm is the Lottery Variance Algorithm, which is designed to provide the best possible solution to this problem.

The Lottery Variance Algorithm calculates the average lottery variance for each group for the past ‘X’ lotteries and takes into account groups with the higher lottery variance preference over those with a better variance history. Once a group receives an undesirable time, their future results will get better. The algorithm is understood by membership and should satisfy most clubs rules and regulations.

Once the lottery is complete do not use the optimization option, as it will defeat the purpose of the exercise. This solution will give players with an 8:09am tee time just as fair an opportunity as 8:00am of getting a desirable time.

Other possible solutions such as a crossover or modified shotgun can be performed during this time of year to help accommodate the increase demand. The task can be performed in the afternoon to allow members wishing to play later in the day.

For more information on set up of the tee sheet or lottery questions contact, Ryan Starr at: or 888-284-9015 ext 716.